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Hull & Company Refund Request
Due to COVID-19 check requests could be delayed, please make all attempts to take a credit instead of requesting a check. This helps us keep our team at home where they are safe. 
Please note this request can only be completed by the agency that placed the risk with Hull. 

This form is to be used only if you need a check to be cut for your refund or credit. Before requesting a check please check with your accounting team; as most agencies take their refunds as a credit on their monthly statement. If the policy is financed, you can also take a credit on your statement and include the funds in your return commissions to the finance company.  

Check requests can take up to 30 days based on returns from carriers. We do allow you to take a credit on your statement prior to the return so that is the fastest way to receive your funds.  

Also remember that all payments should be sent net of commissions. Checks sent gross will delay processing of your commissions back to your agency.

Insurance Coverage and/or claims cannot be bound, amended, or canceled through this contact form.


Where should the check be sent? (note we cannot send directly to insured)
If finance company select the company. If they are not listed type the address below.
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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